Weddings & Private Events

A distinct and beautiful locale for celebrations.

Glynwood is located on a former estate.  The aesthetic of the property blends 1920s refinement with 1790s pastoral, boasting views of woodlands, lakes and rolling hay fields, and across the Hudson River towards Bear Mountain.  

You and your guests will enjoy a stay in a historic site while knowing that you have chosen to support a mission that cultivates environmental resiliency and regional prosperity.  Indeed, Glynwood’s reputation as a site for weddings rivals its national profile as a leader in the sustainable food movement.

To retain the distinction of a Glynwood event, we limit how many we host each year. Wedding rentals are for 3-day weekends only and include our Main House and its grounds for your event, use of a private lakeside boathouse, and a tour of our working farm for your group.  Our three guesthouses (19 rooms in total) are also on offer.  

More detailed wedding information is available here. For additional inquiries, please contact Isabel Lopatin, Director of Administration.