Kathleen Finlay


Prior to joining Glynwood in 2012, Kathleen was the Managing Director of the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School, where she helped shape the Center’s programs to educate people about the links between human health and global environmental change, with a focus on food and marine systems.

While at Harvard, Kathleen started the Harvard Community Garden, the University’s first garden dedicated solely to the production of food, and produced the award-winning, educational film Once Upon a Tide about the connections between the ocean and human health.

In addition to her leadership position at Glynwood, Kathleen is the Founder and Board Chair of the Pleiades Network, an organization dedicated to advancing women’s leadership in creating a more sustainable world. She has authored numerous reports and publications and acts as an advisor to various environmental and community organizations, including the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard’s School of Public Health, Harvard Alumni for Agriculture and the Ocean Foundation. Kathleen also serves on both Congressman Maloney’s Agricultural Advisory Board, as well as Senator Gillibrand’s Agricultural Working Group. Originally from California, Kathleen studied marine biology and received a Master’s degree in Science Journalism from Boston University.

Chuck Arnold

Site Assistant

Donald Arrant

Livestock Manager

As Livestock Manager, Donald is responsible for overseeing Glynwood’s diversified livestock operation that includes a flock of pastured laying hens and meat chickens, and a multi-species grazing operation with cows, sheep, pigs and goats.

His previous farming experience includes acting as Field Manager at Red Wagon Organic Farm and apprenticing at Frog Belly Farm and Cure Organic Farm, all located in Boulder CO. Donald holds a degree in history from Earlham College. Donald is passionate about facilitating a symbiotic relationship between the land and animals he stewards. He believes that by managing animals intensively and humanely, we cultivate the health of the land which in turn promotes healthy animals and a healthy product for consumers.

Maria Bonsanti

Guest Relations Coordinator

Maria began at Glynwood in 1999 as an Assistant Innkeeper and is currently the Guest Relations Coordinator.

She is responsible for seeing to the needs of Glynwood’s guests before, during and after their stays on the property, as well as maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of the guest houses. Before Glynwood, Maria worked at the Bedford Golf and Tennis Club. She holds a certificate of completion from the Rhode Island School of Photography.


Elizabeth Corio

Vice President of Development & Administration

Liz joined Glynwood in 2015 as VP of Development. In this role, she is responsible for managing all philanthropic relationships for the organization, and in particular she works with individuals, foundations and government agencies to secure funds needed to operate Glynwood’s suite of agricultural programs.

Liz has been at the forefront of the emerging philanthropic movement to build a robust, resilient and regenerative food system in the Hudson Valley. She was most recently at the Environment Program of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, where she took a leadership role in developing and expanding the foundation’s grant-making strategy aimed at strengthening regional agriculture. While at DDCF, she sought opportunities to break down silos of expertise and engage natural allies to the good food movement, such as public health practitioners, environmentalists and child well-being advocates.

Liz has been an influential member of the Community Food Funders, a philanthropic alliance that supports the transition to an equitable, ecologically-sound and economically-vibrant food system. She served as a founding steering committee member of the group since its inception in 2011 and was its inaugural co-chair from 2012-2013. Elizabeth holds a Master of Professional Studies degree in Environmental Studies from SUNY’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Fordham University.

Lauren Dellolio

Events & Outreach Manager

Lauren plans, oversees and facilitates Glynwood’s community events, including farm dinners, tours, workshops, Food + Farm Day and our annual Gala, in addition to select private or public events we produce off-site.

Working with our program staff, she coordinates all of Glynwood’s mission-related convenings for food and farming professionals, such as seminars, conferences and retreats. A former model and actress, Lauren garnered prior experience in events, event management and hospitality working with various public relations and marketing firms around the country. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree at New York University, and studied abroad at Cambridge University.

Sara Grady

Vice President of Programs

Sara first joined Glynwood in 2009 as Media Fellow, was promoted to Director of Special Projects in 2010, and is currently VP of Programs. In her current role, Sara’s work defines Glynwood’s program strategies and activities, ensuring that all programmatic work is framed within the organization’s mission while identifying opportunities for creativity and growth.

Sara also leads the Hudson Valley Food program, which works to support farmers and other food professionals in producing, marketing and promoting distinctive regional food. This program ultimately seeks to distinguish the Hudson Valley as an agricultural and culinary region, and to foster a vibrant food culture that will ensure the viability of farming. Sara was previously a producer of videos and interactive media for educational exhibitions and documentary-style television programs. She has also worked in the arts and media in various capacities, including as a writer, researcher, designer and event producer. Sara studied media production at Brown University and is a Senior Fellow in the Environmental Leadership Program.

Sommer Hixson

Director of Communications

As Director of Communications, Sommer oversees Glynwood’s marketing, media relations and editorial content with a keen eye toward lateral, holistic brand communications for the organization’s mission and core programs.

She is a seasoned professional with experience that includes several years with Rainbow Media (now known as AMC Networks) in senior management roles at Bravo and IFC. She was at the forefront of the digital entertainment zeitgeist as Media Relations Director for music legend Chris Blackwell’s suite of digital startups when the industry was still new. As Press Director for the Metropolitan Opera, she was a key member of General Manager Peter Gelb’s hand-picked communications team, spearheading movie-theater transmissions of The Met Live in HD across the country, in addition to managing worldwide publicity at Lincoln Center. As Media Relations Director for New Video, Sommer managed publicity campaigns for the distribution of numerous films, including Oscar®-nominated documentaries Gasland, Hell and Back Again and The Invisible War. Since 2009, Sommer has freelanced as a communications consultant for local independent businesses and artists in Beacon, New York, where she lives. As a journalist, she has written feature articles for The Poughkeepsie Journal and Valley Table magazine and, for two years, was a staff reporter for the Highlands Current. She currently serves as a Board Member for Beacon Arts, a 10-year-old nonprofit organization that provides fiscal sponsorship to cultural organizations in Beacon and promotes arts events in the city. She holds a B.F.A. in Dance from Mason Gross School of the Arts/Rutgers University and an M.A. in Media Studies from The New School.


Ken Kleinpeter

Vice President of Operations

Ken joined Glynwood in 2005 as Director of Farm and Facilities and is currently the VP of Operations. Ken manages all of the agriculture activities, as well as buildings and grounds maintenance, both on site at Glynwood and at the Incubator site in New Paltz.

Before joining Glynwood, Ken was a founding partner of Hollow Road Farms, the first sheep dairy operation in the United States. He later served as General Manager of The Old Chatham Sheepherding Company. After leaving Old Chatham, Ken was the Farm and Genetics Center Manager for the Heritage Breeds Conservancy. Ken also spent time in Bosnia as a USAID consultant. Ken holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Louisiana State University.


Dave Llewellyn

Director of Farmer Training

Dave joined Glynwood in 2007 as CSA Manager and is currently the Director of Farmer Training. In this capacity, Dave oversees Glynwood’s farmer apprentice program and the Hudson Valley Farm Business Incubator, in addition to contributing to other regional farm education and land access efforts.

Dave also coordinates on-farm composting and soil fertility for Glynwood’s vegetable operation, pastures and hayfields. Before coming to Glynwood, Dave worked on diversified, sustainable farms for many years. He apprenticed at the Massachusetts Audubon Society’s Drumlin Farm and managed organic vegetable gardens for Heifer International’s Overlook Farm. Dave holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Susquehanna University and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Purchase College.

Isabel Lopatin

Director of Administration

Isabel became Glynwood’s Office Manager in 2006 and is currently Director of Administration. Isabel and her team are responsible for supporting Glynwood’s programs by maintaining administrative and technical systems, including human resources, contracts, insurance, telephones, internet, computers and databases.

Before joining Glynwood, Isabel was a principal at a database consulting company that worked with Fortune 100 companies in and around NYC. Isabel attended Marlboro College, graduated from Bard College with a major in Art History, and holds a Master of Business Administration, with concentrations in Arts Administration and Information Technology, from Binghamton University. She has completed graduate work in Art History, earned certificates in Relational Database Technology from Columbia University and Client-side Programming from University of Illinois, and recently became a Certified Telecommunications Analyst.

David Mahoney

Site Assistant

Jarret Nelson

Vegetable Production Manager

Jarret first joined Glynwood in 2011 as the Apprentice Crew Leader, returned to Glynwood in 2013 as CSA Assistant Manager and is now Vegetable Production Manager. He grows produce that is sold through Glynwood’s CSA and Farm Store, on the menu at Glynwood events, and donated to local schools and food banks.

Jarret also provides all the hands on instruction for Glynwood’s vegetable production apprentices and summer interns. Jarret’s introduction to agriculture was as a volunteer on organic farms in Israel, New Zealand and Australia as part of the WWOOF (Worldwide Workers On Organic Farms) program. He then began his Hudson Valley farming career at Fishkill Farm and has also farmed in Pennsylvania before returning to Glynwood. Jarret holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Williams College.

Shannon O'Sullivan

Site Manager, Farm Business Incubator

Shannon is responsible for managing property and agricultural uses at Glynwood’s Hudson Valley Farm Business Incubator, located on 300 acres in New Paltz, NY, where she also trains and assists our Incubator participants as a member of our Farmer Training team.

A full-time resident at the site, she oversees the work of contractors on the grounds and is responsible for the maintenance of agricultural equipment, in addition to providing administrative assistance and organizational support. Shannon gained farm experience as an intern at Capital Farm in 2016 and at Morrisville State College, where she received her Bachelor’s of Technology Degree in Dairy Management. During her time at Morrisville she helped found the Morrisville Livestock Barn, a program created to help develop current and future students entrepreneurial skills, bridge the gap between academia and the Ag industry, and connect the college with food produced on it’s own property by students. This program is now an integral piece of the Morrisville College Agriculture Business Program. For two years, she was a farm hand and educator at Sprout Creek Farm in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Emily Oberto

Program Coordinator

Emily joined Glynwood in 2015 as Program Coordinator. Her work in this position primarily supports our Hudson Valley Food program, a suite of initiatives that aims to bolster farmers and food professionals in producing, marketing, and promoting distinctive regional food.

Prior to Glynwood, Emily spent nearly fifteen years living and working in independent boarding school communities. Her belief in the critical importance of supporting local agriculture, and her respect for small farmers, were natural outcomes of living in a region with rich agricultural traditions, coupled with her longtime passion for culinary adventures. Emily holds a Master of Arts degree in Food Studies from New York University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought from Amherst College.

Stephanie Pittman

Livestock Assistant

As Livestock Assistant, Stephanie supports Glynwood’s livestock operation through diligent stockmanship, management-intensive grazing practices and apprentice training.

Stephanie began farming on various small, diversified vegetable operations located in the Puget Sound, the Tennessee River and central California.  She discovered animal husbandry in southern Vermont, where she helped raise sheep and pigs, worked a team of draft horses, and assisted with haymaking and maple sugaring. Captivated by ruminants, Stephanie went on to milk dairy cattle and make cheese in the Pacific Northwest.

Inspired by the use of grazing to restore soil health through increased fertility, water retention and carbon sequestration, Stephanie joined Glynwood’s livestock team in 2016.  She considers holistic land management a legitimate means of achieving environmental remediation as well as a solid foundation for both rural economic viability and human health.

Ashley Rauch

Development Communications Manager

Ashley joined Glynwood in 2013 as Communications Manager. In this role, Ashley manages an integrated communications strategy that supports the organization’s fundraising efforts.

Prior to joining Glynwood, Ashley worked in development and communications for GreenBlue, an environmental nonprofit working to advance corporate sustainability. She also has experience in marketing and investor relations within the financial sector. Ashley holds Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Barnard College of Columbia University.

Michael Smith

Administrative & Hospitality Assistant

Michael initially came to Glynwood in 2008 as a volunteer for our annual sheep shearing celebration, and has been full time staff member ever since, currently as Administrative & Hospitality Assistant.

In this role, Michael manages the office and supports the organization’s hospitality activities. Michael has a Bachelor of Arts in history and is also certified in Quality System (QS) 9000 & 9001, a management system used in manufacturing.

Mark Tippett

Site Manager

Neal Tomann

Property Director

As Glynwood’s Property Director, Neal has responsibility for planning and implementing large property improvement projects, as well as navigating compliance and permitting issues, both for the Glynwood site and the Incubator property in New Paltz.

Neal has an extensive background in carpentry, mechanical work, project planning and management. He holds a Juris Doctor from New England College and a Bachelor’s degree from Villanova University.