Regional Food

We’re innovating multi-faceted projects around food with growers and farmers, producers and chefs in order to shape a culinary identity for our region that will ensure the longevity of ecological, humane and economically viable farming.


By creating new markets and opportunities for regional food, we are ensuring that Hudson Valley farms succeed. 

Our flagship regional food program, the Cider Project, broadens opportunities for apple growers by supporting production of orchard-based hard cider. During the course of our Cider Project, we have witnessed an increase in regional craft cideries so remarkable that we co-founded New York’s first trade association of cider makers to guide the burgeoning industry’s future.

Similarly, we are facilitating the formation of the Hudson Valley CSA Coalition, a network of small-scale farmers working collectively to expand membership and investment in Community Support Agriculture in this region.

Kitchen Cultivars focuses on a fundamental resource for Hudson Valley farming: seeds. We facilitate collaboration among farmers and culinary professionals to increase the planting and popularity of delicious crops that are well suited to the region’s ecology and cultures.  We create taste experiences for the public, while simultaneously building seed supply and market demand for these distinctive foods.

Our report, Pastured Protein, suggests sustainable solutions to the nuanced challenges faced by the Hudson Valley’s livestock farmers, and we are developing new collaborations to respond.