Program Basics

Farmer James Walton of Grass + Grit Farm. Photo by Ethan Harrison.

Farmer James Walton of Grass + Grit Farm. Photo by Ethan Harrison.

We are currently seeking applications for the 2017-2020 cohort with a minimum of two years of agricultural experience and a demonstrated commitment to sustainable agriculture. Program will begin in May 2017.


The Farm Business Incubator’s 300 acres are best suited for livestock enterprises. The land currently has prime pasture, brushy pasture, some woodlands and some irrigated cropland. The Incubator program offers access to land, housing, shared equipment, infrastructure, business and financial training, technical assistance and mentoring, advanced practical skills workshops, support in accessing low-interest capital, and strategic community relationships. It is designed for participation over 4 farming seasons (3.5 calendar years). The first year is a learning intensive: a field and classroom-based primer in which the business of farming and practical skills learning are the main focus in a schedule that preferences evenings and weekends so to accommodate full time employment off the farm. Years 2 and 3 are on-site at the Glynwood Incubator farm operating your independent farm business with close oversight from Glynwood staff. The final farming season will focus on transitioning to a longer-term land opportunity. Glynwood offers connections to land trusts and landowners in the region to facilitate this step.

We are accepting applications for livestock enterprises and mixed/diverse enterprises. We will also accept applicants for new vegetable or livestock operations that do not need access to land, and those who own or operate existing farms who will not be on-site at the New Paltz property. Off-site participants will be required to commute to the Incubator for all trainings, workshops and courses, most of which occur during the first year, and we will work together to find suitable methods for field visits. We also encourage applications for businesses looking to develop value-added products using sustainably raised vegetables and/or livestock.


The Incubator program spans four farming seasons:

  • 1st year: Financial and business planning intensive courses. Practical skills workshops. On-site infrastructure prep.
  • 2nd year: 1st on-site farming season. Ongoing technical assistance (TA) and some mandatory trainings.
  • 3rd year: 2nd on-site farming season. Limited or no mandatory trainings. Ongoing TA as needed.
  • 4th (½) year: Transition offsite to long-term land opportunity in early spring. Strategic connections and relationship building. Exit incubator in end of fall. Ongoing TA as needed.

The attached PDF includes more information on curriculum, program fees, housing, insurance, etc. Please read thoroughly before submitting your Letter of Intent.