Fresh from Glynwood: High-Five for Hakurai

Turnips, poor souls, are better appreciated for their heartiness than their appearance—or even their taste. In winters like ours, they’re reliable understudies, adding texture and minor interest to soups, stews and roasts, the chorus line backing […]

Food & Farm Explorations: Farm Skills Workshops for Adults (and Older Kids)

  Glynwood has always offered one-off farm skills workshops for the community but, this year, we’re taking them to a whole new level of engagement. Food & Farm Explorations are “101” farm skills workshops for adults […]

New York Hard Cider Wins Big on Tour of England’s Cider Country

“Believe in the fruit” was an English cider expert’s advice for New York apple growers and cider makers during a 10-day excursion to the U.K. this month. Organized by Glynwood in partnership with Angry Orchard, attendees […]

Fresh from Glynwood: Kohlrabi, Nature’s Cruciferous Darling

If there were an initiation into CSA membership (Community Supported Agriculture), it would definitely be some sort of trial by kohlrabi. Not that it is at all unpleasant, or that there is an overabundance of it, […]

Destination Known – Hitting the Cider Trail

This June, as a central feature of Cider Week Hudson Valley, 19 craft cider producers around the region will offer first sips of limited edition ciders in situ. Made from 100% New York apples, Destination Ciders […]

Fresh from Glynwood: Farm Store Opens May 30

This time of year means so much to farmers: cold days inside, plotting and planning, finally transition to warmer days of fieldwork and nurturing the first crops of the season; animals stretch their legs on pasture after […]

Community Events: June

You can feel it in your heart, you can see it in the ground. You can see it in the trees, you can smell it in the breeze. Look around! Look around! Look around! To quote […]

Glynwood’s Cider Project: A Special Delivery

New York State is the nation’s second largest apple producer. The vast majority of its fifty-five thousand apple-growing acres are dedicated to varieties for eating. About half of the state’s overall apple crop goes directly to […]

Glynwood’s President at CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute

Early last week, Kathleen Finlay participated on a panel at CUNY’s Urban Food Policy Institute on the subject of food access and the potential for a regional foodshed. Fellow panelists included Dan Horan of Five Acres […]

“101” Farm Skills: New Workshops for All Ages

Expanding on our public program of seasonal farm tours, and special family farm tours for kids, Glynwood is introducing a new program this year that allows for more in-depth exploration of life on a farm – if it’s your […]