9th Annual Gala Fetes Milestones in Land Stewardship

In 1924, Evelina Perkins purchased 2,600 acres of countryside in Putnam County with her son and daughter-in-law and named it Glynwood Farm. Seventy-three years later, in 1997, her descendants established the core 225-acre property as a […]

Glynwood History: Core Values

By preserving agriculture you preserve the open space, and it keeps Glynwood Glynwood. Conservation isn’t something we learned about at the dinner table. It’s in our blood. — Jennifer Perkins Speers, Glynwood Board The 1960s were […]

Fresh from Glynwood: Just Dillin’

Despite its thread-like fronds and delicate appearance, dill has a flavor that throws down the gauntlet—people love it or…they don’t. At all. Or they think they don’t. We couldn’t help but notice that dill’s been getting […]

Fresh from Glynwood: Taking the Beet Beyond Borscht

Beets aren’t unfamiliar to you we’re guessing, but neither are they in everyone’s cooking repertoire. Let’s change that! Beets aren’t just for borscht or chaperoning chevre. To start with, these unprepossessing workhorses are twofers—their leaves, which […]

Harvest Award: Fishkill Farms

Earlier this summer, a group of 12 apple growers, cider makers and researchers from throughout New York State were invited to tour Somerset and Hereford, England’s iconic cider producing regions. Organized by Glynwood in partnership with […]

Kitchen Cultivars 2017: All in the Family

Pricking escarole in New Paltz, NY. Everything’s coming up radishes. And escarole! Now in its third season, Kitchen Cultivars is piloting a new “mother-daughter” network of farms for trialing more than 10 different regionally appropriate varieties […]

Glynwood History: A Weekend Getaway

The Perkins family bought Glynwood in 1924, turning its 2,600 acres into a family compound and diversified farm. Their vision set the stage for Glynwood today. After George Perkins II, a top aide to Theodore Roosevelt and […]

Fresh from Glynwood: Amaranth, a Noble Leaf by Any Name

Most of us are familiar with amaranth seeds, the pseudo-cereal (looks like a cereal, tastes like a cereal, cooks like a cereal, isn’t a cereal because it isn’t a grass) that can be used for everything […]

Glynwood History: Perkins and the Purchase

A vintage hand-painted glass slide of Palisades Interstate Park, for which George Walbridge Perkins II led a crusade to buy off quarry operators. The story of Glynwood begins with the Perkins family. George Walbridge Perkins II, born […]

Climate Resilience & Healthy Soil: SARE Grant

Glynwood’s SARE grant supports the development of a pasture improvement demonstration area at our Hudson Valley Farm Business Incubator, located at Mohonk Preserve in New Paltz. The demonstration showcases pasture improvement methods for common soil health […]