How to Apply

To apply, please submit a Letter of Intent (see below), after first reading our Program Basics. Eligible applicants must be at least 18 years old and have 2 to 3 years’ previous farming experience.

Letters of Intent must be completed by January 6, 2016. Upon review and first round acceptance, we will then send you a business questionnaire and financial template. We will offer assistance to you in completing these. Questionnaires and Templates must be completed within the proceeding two weeks.

You will be notified if you are a finalist by January 27th, 2017. An in-person interview with Glynwood stakeholders will be scheduled for February.*

Project participants will be selected and notified by February 28th and you can arrive anytime between April 1st – April 30th. Accepted residential participants can move into on-site housing on as soon as they have been notified. The Incubator experience will begin the first week of May 2017.


Please submit a 1-2 page Letter of Intent describing your desire to participate in the Incubator and your general ideas about your future farm operation. Please include the following elements:

  • Please email letters of intent to
  • Complete contact information with mailing address, email, and phone.
  • Personal references (2 or 3).
  • Your background, and specifically your agricultural experience. Tell us where you currently reside/farm and describe your last few years of work.  
  • Describe why you want to start your own farm business, your potential enterprise(s), and farming practices you plan to use. Indicate if you have any experience running your own business.
  • Are you applying solo or as a partnership? If you intend to participate in a business partnership, describe your prior relationship with your future farm partners.  
  • Will you need land access on-site in New Paltz, or would you be participating in our program while farming off-site? If off-site, tell us about the land you will be farming on during the course of the program, and describe your land tenure there.
  • Detail if you will be supporting yourself via off-farm work for the first year. Provide any details you may have about what this work will be, or if you would like assistance seeking off-farm work in the area.
  • Specify if you will be requesting on-site housing. Please see the Housing section in Program Details for more information on options.
  • Attach a current resume.
Deadline: Letter of Intent January 6/2017
Business Questionnaire & Financial Template completed w/support from Glynwood Now through January 20/2017
Full Application Deadline: Final Business Questionnaire & Financial Template January 20/2017
Finalists notified and scheduled for in-person visit and interview* January 27/2017
Finalists interviewed at Glynwood February 12-22/2017
Participants notified February 28/2017
Participants move to the area April 2017
Program begins May 2017

If you have questions about whether our land base is suitable for your potential farm enterprises, please contact to inquire before submitting your Letter of Intent.

If necessary, you can submit paper applications. Please print two copies of all requested materials and mail to the following address:

Attn: Farmer Training Program Manager
PO Box 157
Cold Spring, NY 10516

All paper applications must be postmarked no later than Dec 19, 2016.

*Note: a stipend for interview-related travel expenses may be available out-of-town finalists. Please make note in your Letter of Intent if you are living elsewhere and would like to be considered for financial assistance with travel costs for your interview.