Making History

Last year, we embarked on a special project that, surprisingly, had never been done before: a comprehensive historical survey of our founding family and the property which they had the foresight to preserve as an agricultural landmark. The result is a 64-page limited edition imprint, resplendent with color photos, an illustrated timeline that begins almost 200 years ago, and engaging narrative written in three chapters.

Kathleen Finlay, Glynwood’s President, writes in her introduction to our new book:

“This anniversary publication represents the first concentrated effort to encapsulate Glynwood’s history, reaching much further back than our 2o years as a nonprofit to the rich agricultural provenance that we trust many will find enlightening. A very special acknowledgement to our founders, the members of the Perkins family, without whom we’d have almost no contemporary story to tell at all. Importantly, we should all thank our community of farmers and food producers. Without their hard work and dedication, the Hudson Valley wouldn’t be the beloved place it is today.”

The actress Angela Lansbury was a friend of the Perkinses, and a frequent guest at Glynwood. In her foreword to the book she writes:

“You only have to look at the classic paintings of the Hudson Valley to realize what a gem it is. Glynwood is so much a part of that, retaining its own rural quality even as it has transformed from a family farm to an organization that helps the Valley itself to retain its rural quality, making full use of the land, and cultivating it to grow food.”

Our story exists within the larger context of the history of food and farming in the Hudson Valley, of a region that continues to be recognized and deeply respected for its agricultural vibrancy. We are selling this 20th anniversary publication for $25, plus shipping, the proceeds from which support our nonprofit mission.