Soil Health Field Day 2017

On a warm, sunny day in late summer, Glynwood hosted its second annual Soil Health Field Day at its Farm Business Incubator property in New Paltz, New York. With support from a Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Partnership Grant, Glynwood’s Director of Farm Stewardship, Dave Llewellyn, produced a day-long curriculum of instruction and demonstrations by leaders in the field of soil science and regenerative agriculture. Presenters included Paul Salon, Fay Benson, Jason Detzel and Dr. Masoud Hashemi, along with Glynwood staff.

Soil Health Field Day 2017 from Glynwood on Vimeo.

The critical importance of soil health to mitigate climate vulnerabilities in pasture-based livestock systems has become more widely understood and accepted in recent years. Unfortunately, livestock farmers in the Hudson Valley lack sufficient opportunities to learn about practices and methods that increase resilience to climate-related stressors. The goal of this project is to increase the rate of adoption of underutilized yet beneficial practices among regional livestock farmers by providing practical and tangible opportunities for them to learn about these practices, including a demonstration of pasture improvement trials and forage analysis on designated plots at the Incubator.