Who We Are

Glynwood is an agricultural nonprofit organization based in Cold Spring, New York. Through our regional programs for food and farming professionals and local events, we work to advance regenerative agriculture that benefits the natural environment, energizes local economies, enhances human health and strengthens rural communities.

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Guided by the highest standards of ecosystem, soil, animal and community well-being, Glynwood serves as a teaching venue for aspiring farmers and a testbed for regenerative farming practices. With considerations to realistic economic viability, we are training the next generation of agricultural entrepreneurs.

Our Regional Food program implements collaborative projects with food and farming professionals that are designed to enhance our region’s agricultural viability and unique identity, including the Cider Project, Kitchen Cultivars and the Hudson Valley CSA Coalition.

We offer a variety of Community Events that are designed to broaden the discussion about sustainable farming and the Hudson Valley’s regional food system.

The healthy food our farm crew produces is sold direct to consumers through our CSA, Farm Store and online market, and we identify and facilitate complementary market opportunities for our Farm Business Incubator participants.

Our 2015 Annual Report reviews our most recent projects and accomplishments.